“Jetface Joybum”, Our first release is here!

The game that started it all is now ready to be released. This game started as a tweet from Tim Kjell (also known as @Stormonster) where he requested a very specific game, that is… as specific as one can be in 140 characters.

Now, after many hours of work, redesigns, experiments and a whole bunch of edible sugary objects; the game is finally complete.

You play as the fabled Jetface named Joybum and must do your best to spread love, peace and a not quite so pleasant smell throughout the world. Be careful though, some things in the world are not ready for the joy that Joybum brings and will do everything in their power to stop her. TheseĀ mean thingsĀ seems to have a huge collection of rocks at their disposal and it’s up to you to help Jetface Joybum avoid these rocks for as long as possible.

Press left mouse key to go up.
Release left mouse key to go down.

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